Original Brim Reaper

The original Reaper can’t be beaten. For thirty years we have had amazing feedback, repeat customers, and referrals.

Brim Reaper XL

Is bigger better? Well, sometimes it is. This is a must for those giant bluegill and crappie. Now with Rootbeer and Pumpkinseed!

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What makes them so great???

Honestly, you would have to ask the fish. What I know is that we tested sizes, shapes, colors, body density, lead head combos, etc. These are soft enough that the fish love them, but tough enough to endure the hot summer water. Our custom lead heads have a double barb and are the perfect size. Made here in the USA.

Which size should I order?

I am happy to speak with every customer about where they are fishing and what they are going after. If it’s not right, I’ll help you find what is.

How do I get mine?

Very easy!! You can buy on our site, call me, or just send a check or paypal with what you want. I usually ship the next day.