Social Distancing

by Justin Cox

Blue Ribbon Lures, March 24, 2020

I am by no means making light of the situation. The Covid19 virus is certainly humbling families around the world. The best way to slow the virus is to slow the spread, and so we are told to avoid groups and practice social distancing. For many of us this means missing work, birthdays, and recently for my family it meant people missing the funeral of a loved one. This isn’t easy on any of us, but we need to stay positive.

For those of us who love the outdoors, especially fishing, this is an opportunity. In stead of being stuck in the house glued to our devices and television, we have the opportunity to squeeze in the family time that we are normally lacking due to work and school. The lakes, rivers, creeks, and ponds offer a beautiful solution. As spring approaches we can take our loved ones to beautiful places, enjoy catching fish, and bond with our family.

If you are looking for ideas, crappie should be getting good. As of this week the bluegill were doing great at about 6-8 feet in Missouri. Some of the bass are waking up, but still slow. For this reason, if you take your children out I would recommend going after bluegill or crappie with a bobber or even catfish on the bottom. It’s important to go after fish that the kids have a high chance of catching to keep them interested. I believe it’s important to keep kids interested and to keep the love of fishing alive. For this reason it is crucial to fish for things that kids will catch. It doesn’t matter how large. Kids need quantity more than quality. Even a 6 inch bluegill will light up a kids face.

Good luck, Good Fishin, Miss fishin with ya Dad,


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