Show-Me How to Shoot

Americans are known for our love of firearms. We love to target shoot, hunt, and love the idea of being able to defend ourselves. Thousands if not millions of gun owners have purchased guns in recent years, many of which are first time buyers. So now what? You own a gun, but do you know how to use it? Do you have the confidence to use it properly in an emergency situation?

With great power comes great responsibility…. This applies not only to Spiderman, but to gun owners as well! This means education and training. To begin, it is a great idea to get your CCW, but the next step is to get the proper training.

If you are lucky enough to live near a facility, Asymmetric Solutions provides training that is unrivaled. They offer hands on training for every level. It is a friendly environment that makes every person feel welcome. After one class I felt 100% more confident.

Located in Farmington, Missouri, Asymmetric Solutions is a private Special Operations company that provides comprehensive, stress-induced training and security solutions for military, law enforcement and civilians with an additional commitment to product research and development.

It is not only great training, but it is a great time. Stay safe!!!!

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