Bluegill Tips when using the Brim Reaper

Dad always loved using a slip cork. Bluegill seem to love eating bugs and things that fall in the water. When using the slip cork you get a nice vertical action. You get an up and down motion each time you move the lure. This is much more attractive than simply dragging the lure horizontally.

If you dont want to get a kit for float stops or slip corks, just tie a rubberband at the depth you want and put a split shot about 6-8 inches above your brim reaper.

Many days they will like the long legs, but sometimes you need to trim the legs. They swim differently and are more springy.

If they are getting picky, maybe they are checking out the lure but not taking it, is helpful to use crappie formula, although I have also used garlic with success. When the weather gets too hot or the fish get too picky you sometimes need to put a wax worm or crappie nibble on the hook.

If you are fishing in extremely clear water or spring fed river a spinner with no bobber can be effective. Lighter line is also helpful in clear water however bass also hit these, so don’t go too light unless you are okay losing breaking the line. I have caught large bass, catfish, and even stripers on this lure. If this happens on light line I hope your drag isn’t too tight. Hold on.

Fishing the spawn. Bigger bluegill come together for the spawn. Look for them to hit the beds from 2-3 days before a full moon until 2-3 days after.